About Verity Networks

Verity Networks is an IT solutions company based in Sioux Falls, SD, focused on serving small and mid-sized companies in the area. I'm Andy, the owner and operator.
I know what a headache IT can be for growing businesses. And I’ve seen firsthand the messes that can come from bad IT solutions. Luckily, I love to bring order out of chaos. If you have IT problems—or want to avoid IT problems—I can help.
You started your company to sell a product or deliver a service, not to configure emails, monitor security, or go to war with printers that just don’t work. That’s what I’m here for. Verity Networks exists to help your business optimize both time and efficiency.
I created Verity Networks because I prefer to work behind the scenes equipping teams with the tools they need. As a small business owner myself—and an advocate for strong local economies—I want to see you succeed.
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About Andy

I thought you might like to know another thing or two about me before reaching out. Thankfully, I don’t just sit in front of computer screens all day. I’m a Christian, a husband, and a father of five (so far). I’m also a pianist, Bitcoiner, juggler, Notion junkie, pilot, and drone operator, though I don’t take those things quite as seriously as the first three.
With Verity, I’m working toward working for myself. If I can be modestly successful helping other small businesses succeed, I’ll be happy. Let’s have a casual no-obligation chat if I can help you in any way. We can meet at your favorite coffee shop.